Ukraine War Aid: Where Have U.S. Funds Gone and Why Has Support Stalled?

Headline: The Precarious Balance: U.S. Aid to Ukraine and the Looming Threat of Stalled Support Subheadline: As the U.S. juggles domestic priorities and international alliances, can Ukraine maintain its defense against Russian aggression without sustained American funding? The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has reached a critical juncture as U.S. financial and military aid, a lifeline […]

Who Should Govern Gaza? Why Postwar Planning Is So Difficult

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Why the 155mm Shell Is One of the World’s Most Wanted Objects Now Equipped

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This Chinese Military Unit Runs One of the World’s Largest Missile Forces

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Why New Hampshire Could Be Nikki Haley’s Last Chance to Beat Donald Trump

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Engineer Breaks Down Three Ways to Save Venice From Flooding Pro Perfected

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Engineer Explains Why Mountain Road Design Is So Complicated

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How Ecuador Became One of the World’s Most Violent Countries

Headline: Ecuador’s Descent into Narco-Violence: A Nation Grapples with Escalating Drug War Subheadline: As Ecuador declares an internal armed conflict, what does the surge in drug-related violence mean for regional stability and international drug trafficking? The once-peaceful nation of Ecuador is now embroiled in a violent struggle against powerful drug gangs, a conflict that has […]

How China Is Trying to Sabotage Taiwan’s Elections

Headline: Disinformation Deluge: Taiwan’s Democracy Under Digital Siege Subheadline: As Taiwan prepares for pivotal elections, is the island’s sovereignty being undermined by a sophisticated Chinese disinformation campaign? In recent months, the political landscape of Taiwan has been inundated with a flood of disinformation, a digital onslaught that analysts and Taiwanese officials attribute to Chinese efforts […]

Why This Shipping Route Is One of the World’s Most Dangerous

Headline: Maritime Mayhem: The Red Sea Crisis and the Global Trade Turmoil Subheadline: As militant attacks disrupt vital shipping lanes, what is the cost to global commerce and how can stability be restored? The strategic waters of the Barra Mandab, known poignantly as the “Gate of Tears,” have become a focal point for international concern […]