Haryana Scholarship 2021: Application Form, Eligibility, Status & Last Date

Haryana Scholarship The Government of Haryana and Welfare of Scheduled Caste & Backward Classes Department has announced the prestigious Haryana Scholarship for 2021. The scholarship can be applied online on the official website. Please read along other important details and find the link to the website at the end of this article. The scholarship is […]

Merck India Charitable Trust Scholarship

Good News: Merck India Charitable Foundation has announced the Merck India Charitable Trust (MCIT) Scholarship Program 2021 Online Registration form for Class 10th students who passed with 80% marks. The main objective of this scholarship scheme is to support deserving students who are keen to pursue higher education. If you think that you fit this criteria criteria then […]

Dalai Lama Trust Scholarship 2021: Application Form

The Dalai Lama Trust Scholarship The Office of Gaden Phodrang, Tibetan Children’s Educational and Welfare Fund has announced the Dalai Lama Trust Scholarship 2021 Application form for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate candidates. All the eligible candidates, please refer to the below information, terms and conditions. The link to apply online for this Scholarship scheme is […]

बच्चों के लिए मज़ेदार हिंदी पहेलियाँ | Hindi Paheliyan

बच्चों के लिए खेल के साथ-साथ दिमाग की कसरत भी जरूरी है। इससे बच्चों के मानसिक विकास में मदद मिलती है और उनकी सोचने समझने की क्षमता भी बढ़ सकती है। इस सब के लिए पहेलियों को सुलझाने से बेहतर दिमागी गतिविधि। हां, पहेलियों को सुलझाना मजेदार है और बच्चे उनसे नई चीजें सीख सकते […]