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Speed, Time and Distance: Questions and Formulas

Hello, Friends! Welcome to our blog. Today, we will discuss Speed, Time, and Distance Important Questions and Formulas. When you attempt an Aptitude test or Written test based on MCQs, you will always find that there are speed, time, and distance questions in mathematical section. You will need much time to solve them if you […]

Ratio and Proportion in Mathematics

Introduction to Ratio and Proportion Welcome to Curious Toons Blog. In this article, we will discuss Ratio and Proportion in Mathematics at the level of Competition. Ratio and Proportion in Mathematics or Science are explained generally based on fractions. When a fraction is represented in the form of a : b, then it is a ratio […]

Math (Mathematics) Meaning in Hindi

Hi, Friends. Kafi logo ko ye janna hota h ki Math or Mathematincs Kya h? Aaj ke is article m hum aap ko btayenge math meaning in Hindi. Math Meaning in Hindi MATH का पूर्ण रूप “(Mathematics) गणित” है। गणित वह विज्ञान है जो रूप, मात्रा और स्वभाव के तर्क से संबंधित है। गणित में […]